HAWKEYE GOLD & DIAMOND INC. is a progressive mineral resource company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange.

HAWKEYE’s corporate philosophy is to build strong asset value through the exploration, development and ultimate production of its various mineral projects. To this end, the company follows an aggressive acquisition strategy for low-cost high potential mining opportunities worldwide that offer a medium to high Price/Earnings multiple and early returns on investment. Our aim is to provide minimum risk through diversification and increase revenues and opportunities for significant growth. In this regard, HAWKEYE is committed to adding value for investors by offering:

  • A balanced portfolio of projects at various stages of development.
  • First class on-site mining management familiar with the geology and people in the regions where the company has mining developments.
  • Commitment and support of a balanced economic and ecological environment in communities where the company operates.
  • Timely and accurate communications concerning fundamental and technical developments to our shareholders and the investment community.
  • Experienced financial management capable of raising the necessary capital for acquisitions, exploration and mine production, whether through strategic joint venture partnerships, public financing, investment banking or institutional alliances.

HAWKEYE’s dedicated management group has over seventy years of successful experience in mining and financial management and has developed key relationships with distinguished mining consultants. Together, this team approach provides the synergy necessary for HAWKEYE to identify, evaluate and develop mineral projects on a global basis.

Simply put, we believe HAWKEYE has what it takes to become a world-class mining company.

Greg Neeld
President & CEO