May 28th, 2013
News Release No. 230 - 2013
TSX Venture Exchange - HGO
CUSIP NO : 42016R 30 2

Mark Lindsay Joins the HAWKEYE Team

HAWKEYE Gold & Diamond Inc. (the “Company” or “HAWKEYE): Vancouver, British Columbia is pleased to announce that Mark Lindsay has joined Hawkeye to become the head of exploration and development. Mark will focus upon generating and exploring mineral targets in the Yukon, British Columbia and other areas of North America to add year round exploration capability to Hawkeye’s property portfolio. Mr. Lindsay has extensive experience in the Yukon and is a partner and was fully responsible for the identification and generation of the large property portfolio of private Yukon exploration company – YES Exploration Syndicate. Mark was also project manager for the exploration activities carried out on the Top, Dart and Mint Properties, which were optioned by Hawkeye in 2011. Mark has developed a mineral exploration database that encompasses large parts of the Yukon and British Columbia. Hawkeye is in discussions with Mr. Lindsay in regard to vending in properties.

Mark Lindsay is a Yukon First Nation prospector who was born and raised in the Yukon. Mark comes from a long family line of mineral explorers and prospectors which include his great, great grand uncles Skookum Jim Mason and George Carmack, who were the co-discoverers of placer gold on Bonanza Creek that led to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896, as well his grandfather Frank Slim, a well known Yukon First Nation riverboat pilot and captain, who mined placer gold in the Livingstone Creek goldfield and his father Joe Lindsay who worked in mining and mineral exploration for over 50 years. Following in this tradition, Mark brings a lifetime of experience in Yukon exploration to Hawkeye. He has also explored in British Columbia, the western United States and in Australia and is skilled in generative (GenEx) exploration and is considered a specialist in regard to Yukon exploration targeting. Mark has worked in all aspects of mineral exploration for over 30 years.

Further news will be forthcoming.

About the Company

HAWKEYE Gold & Diamond Inc. is a junior mineral exploration and development company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol HGO. HAWKEYE’s corporate philosophy is to build strong asset value through diversification, the acquisition of low-cost high potential mining opportunities, managing our business activities in an environmentally responsible manner while contributing to the well-being of the local community and economy. Our goal is to ultimately achieve full time commercial production of our projects for significant growth and early returns on investment to maximize shareholder value.


Greg Neeld
President & CEO

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